High Resolution Incremental Encoders

The H and N Series magnetic encoder devices currently can achieve up to 5000 cycles on a 1 inch Magnetic Target Wheel. If additional space is available in your application, integrating an N Series magnetic encoder with a 3 5/8 inch magnetic target wheel can deliver over 18,000 pulses per revolution on each channel. Taking advantage of each channel and by looking at the rising and falling edge of each cycle, a user has 72,500 pieces of information.

A Phoenix America magnetic encoder is by design, a rugged cost-effective industrial grade product that uses magnetic technology to address the weakness of the more fragile optical encoder counterpart. Intended for medium-resolution applications, it functions as an incremental angular position encoder when used with a multi-pole permanent magnet target wheel. Direction of rotation can be obtained from the two output channels that are 90┬░ electrically out of phase. The final PPR count can be selected by the combination of internal programing of the sensor and magnetic pole count of the permanent magnet target. In linear applications, this sensor can also provide linear position information when used with a multi-pole permanent magnet strip instead of a magnet target wheel.

The H and N Series magnetic encoder products have taken magnetic encoders into resolution once thought to be limited to optical devices. Phoenix America Inc. is continuing to expand its capabilities and has on its technical roadmap development activity to produce magnetic encoder realizing 250,000 cycles per channel on a Phoenix America Inc. 1 inch magnetic target wheel. Continue to check back to see the progress of this activity.

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