True Solution Cost

There is something missing in our offerings with a Phoenix America Encoder. These missing items are simply additional costs required to make an optical solution effective in a particular solution. Let’s review a number of items which you WON’T need to employ with a Phoenix Encoder.

Hi-Load Bearing Assemblies:
Whether they be foot mounted or square flange mounted you can cross them off your Bill of Materials. We will customize our thermoplastic housing to mount to your hardware and utilize our non-contacting, bearingless solutions. Costly Hi-Load work arounds can be obsolete.

NEMA Flange Mount Adapters:
Our custom packages will adapt to your needs. Our solutions will not require you to purchase an additional piece of hardware to interface to our encoder.

Thermoplastic Adapters:
Since our technology is packaged in an Engineered Thermoplastic housing – we will design in the mounting features exactly to your needs. We will adapt to your requirement rather than you adding components.

Hub Shafts also known as Flexible Mounts:
Flexible Mounts are simply another expensive add on to allow for weak and undependable bearing systems to extend their short lives. Eliminate the failure mechanism all together.

Protective Housings:
Our packages are plenty durable enough. You don’t need to fabricate or purchase a housing to protect a Phoenix America LLC encoder. The core technology is durable and robust. Go ahead and throw our encoder across the floor. Phoenix America LLC encoders don’t require extra protection from mechanical damage during handling and installation. Additionally, you can eliminate all the fasteners required to install these protective housings.

No need to compensate for misalignment when there is nothing to misalign. Imagine the space and time savings when couplers are eliminated.

Stop purchasing additional clamps to facilitate rotational alignment. Allow the tolerance forgiving Phoenix America LLC encoder to be mounted directly to features already available.

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