Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) Effect

Giant Magnetoresistance Effect (GMR)
Electron scattering at the magnet/non-magnet interface in a magnetic layered structure depends on whether electron spin is parallel or antiparallel to the layer magnetic moment. It is observed that the resistance of the structure is much higher when the magnetic moments of the adjacent magnetic layers are aligned antiparallel than when they are parallel. Switching from the antiparallel to the parallel configuration can be achieved by an applied magnetic field. The effect is called giant magnetoresistance (GMR).

The GMR switch integrates GMR sensor elements with digital onboard signal processing electronics. The GMR switch offers unmatched precision and flexibility for magnetic field sensing. The GMR switch accurately and reliably senses magnetic fields with less error than any other magnetic sensor available. There is little shift in the magnetic field operating point of the GMR switch over voltage and temperature extremes. This enables high precision, tight tolerance magnetic sensing assemblies.

The GMR switch can operate over a wide range of magnetic fields and is the most precise magnetic sensor on the market. It is the clear choice for a digital output magnetic sensor.

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