Bearingless Encoder Supplier

Phoenix America’s unique technology for bearingless encoders makes them wear-free and at the same time very robust. They excel with their magnetic scanning principle and are reliable under the harshest environmental conditions such as cold, dirt, and moisture. Bearingless encoders’ compact design makes them ideal for tight installation spaces and able to be directly integrated into existing systems. Their durability and compact design make bearingless encoders the ideal choice for a broad field of applications.

Bearingless Encoder Basics

Bearingless encoders are ideal for accurate rotary measurements with a resolution of up to 16,000 pulses per revolution and available as HTL or TTL variants. These hollow-shaft incremental encoders are made for mounting directly on a wide range of rotating shafts diameters.

Bearingless Encoder Applications

Bearingless encoders are used in drive technology, elevator technology, in wind power plants, textile machinery, printing machinery, and more. The trend towards a more compact motor/drive is clearly noticeable, especially in the drive technology branch. Therefore, bearingless encoders are an interesting alternative for drive manufacturers.

Bearingless v. Bearing Encoders

Bearingless encoders are particularly compact and can be mounted quickly and easily on very small and very large shaft diameters. This is not the case with a bearing encoder, which requires more installation depth and offers only a limited hollow shaft diameter up to max 42mm.

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