Magnetic Proximity Sensors

Our proximity sensors offer a low cost, industrially sound, highly repeatable alternative for measuring position or presence.

P Series Magnetic Proximity Sensors

The P Series magnetic proximity sensor is a non-contact, solid-state device that is magnetically actuated for a variety of proximity applications. The P3000 Series magnetic proximity sensors are designed to provide tight tolerance magnetic operating points. This ensures reliable and repeatable limit switching in both linear and angular position sensor applications. It has rugged, thermoplastic housing and is ideally suited for many industrial environments. These products require a permanent magnet target, which offers the customer long-range sensing and precise limit switching.

W Series Magnetic Proximity Sensors

The W Series family of passive devices offers non-contact, magnetically activated sensing for a variety of proximity applications. These devices can operate effectively in either head-on or a slide-by mode of operation with sample and inexpensive permanent magnet targets. The activation levels are also very low for effective operation at large air gaps. Except for normally closed style devices, either the North or South polarity can be used to activate these sensors. The switching characteristics of this sensor family change according to the logic table below. The threaded aluminum package allows for service in rugged environments and simplifies mounting where space is at a premium. Integral cable with 24 AWG wire leads adds reliability and flexibility to the electrical connection. Optional connectors and lead lengths are available upon request.

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