Flow Sensing Sensors & Propellers

Phoenix America LLC magnetic targets and magnetic speed sensors can be employed to sense fluid or air flow. Replace an expensive flow sensor including the complex mounting and interpreting algorithms with a Phoenix America Inc. magnetic sensor and propeller. We will custom develop a flow sensor for your application should your solution require it.

Flow Sensing Sensors
Since a Phoenix America LLC magnetic-based sensor is a non-contacting device, it can literally see through non ferrous objects such as water lines. Interfacing with a custom developed Phoenix America Inc. magnetic propeller, a Phoenix America Inc. sensor can either be threaded into a galvanized pipe or can sense through a plastic tube.

Flow Sensing Propellors/Paddle Wheels
With the custom magnetic materials and manufacturing process of Phoenix America Inc., complex shapes such as a propellor or paddle wheel can be configured. Each fin or blade of the wheel is magnetized with a pole to be sense by any number of Phoenix America Inc. sensors.

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