Electric Motor Encoder

Electric motor makes up the lion’s share of today’s modern manufacturing facilities. The most common method to control the speed, direction and position of electric motors is by using a rotary encoder. These encoders interface with drive and control systems to provide feedback to a variety of functions.

Historically encoders have been ‘shafted’ and thus attached to the motor shaft using a flexible coupling.  Other techniques may have included the use of a pully or sprocket and chain.  Phoenix America has developed a wide range to encoder which are ‘through hole’ or ‘hollow shaft’. Phoenix America solutions attach directly to the motor end bell interfacing with a magnetic disc or wheel which has been attached to the motor shaft.  This technique makes for a very low profile and size efficient solution.

Phoenix America encoders can provide quadrature signals, commutation signal as well as complement or differential signals. Phoenix America is also developing solutions to provides absolute shaft position feedback.

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