K4 Gear Tooth Sensor

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K4 Sensor
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Product Description

This K Series sensor is a non-contact, solid state ferrous detecting device with a switched output. Its unique design provides a low cost solution for a wide range of speed sensing applications, especially those requiring true zero speed performance. This device utilizes a Hall Effect sensor that is internally biased with a Rare Earth permanent magnet and detects the interaction from an external ferrous target. Unlike earlier Hall based products, this device automatically detects changes in target position or symmetry and “self adjusts” to compensates for these changes. This specialized feature eliminates the need to externally calibrate or mechanically adjust each sensor for optimum performance. In addition, electronic hysteresis built into the device eliminates false triggering due to mechanical backlash and vibration. Installation of this sensor is also easier than “dual element” versions as this device operates correctly regardless of its rotational position or alignment relative to the motion of the target.


Product Specifications

Characteristic Symbol
Hysteresis BHYS 40 55 100 Gauss
Characteristic Symbol Test Condition
Supply Voltage VCC Operating 6.3 24 VDC
Supply Current IS Over VCC and Temp. Range 1 6 mA
Reverse Supply Protection VREV Operating -24 VDC
Output Pull-Up Voltage VOUT Over VCC and Temp. Range 24 VDC
Output Current IOUT Operating 25 mA
Output Capacitance COUT Operating 2.2 nF
Bandwidth BW Operating 15 kHz