PF Solid State Proximity Sensor

Quick Overview

  • Non-contact, solid state device
  • Unipolar switchpoint: a south pole of sufficient strength turns output on (Logic Low). Removal of magnetic field turns output off.
  • On board regulator allows operation with supply voltages of 3 to 24 VDC
  • Current sinking output
  • 20 mA continuous operation
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Temperature compensated
  • Operates from -40°C to 125°C
  • Rugged thermoplastic housing
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Product Description

Part Number Configuration GuidePF Solid State Proximity Sensor


Product Specifications


Absolute Maximums

 Forward Supply Voltage VCC  26.5  V
Reverse Supply Voltage  VRCC  -30  V
 Output Off Voltage  VOUT  26  V
 Reverse Output Current  IROUT  -50  mA
 Output Current Sink  IOUTSINK  25  mA
Operating Temperature TA -40 - 215 °C
Storage Temperature TS -40 - 150 °C

 Electrical Characteristics

CharacteristicSymbolTest ConditionsMin.Typ.Max.Units
Forward Supply Voltage  VCC Operating, TJ < 165°C  3.0    24 V
 Power-On Time  tPO VCC > 3.8V      25  µs
 Supply Current  ICC(ON) B > BOP, VCC = 12V      4  mA
ICC(OFF) B < BOP, VCC = 12V     4 mA
Reverse Battery Current IRCC VRCC = -30V     -5 mA
Operate Point BOP   50 95 135 G
 Release Point  BRP    40  70  110  G
 Hysteresis  BHYS BOP - BRP  10 25 42  G
Output Definition

PF Functional Block Diagram

Recommended Pull-Up Resistor Values
Current, ISINK5V Supply12V Supply24V Supply
1.2 mA 4.3K 10.0K 20.0K
2.5 mA  2.0K 4.7K 10.0K
5.0 mA 1.0K 2.4K 4.7K
10.0 mA  510Ω  1.2K 2.4K

Output channels require customer supplied pull-up resistors.

Wiring & Connection
Standard Wiring Code
 Flying LeadsCable
Output Yellow Yellow
Gnd Red Red
+VCC Blue Blue


Wiring Options


PF Wiring



Connector Options


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