V12 Variable Reluctance Sensor

Quick Overview

Environmentally robust, passive speed sensor capable of providing an analog voltage output when used with a ferrous material target

Features and Benefits

  • Passive (no power required)
  • Sinusoidal speed-dependent output
  • 2 wires
  • 303 stainless steel housing
  • 5/8-18 thread
  • Cold roll steel zinch-plated nut
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Corrosion proof and fungus resistant
  • Humidity up to 100%
Mechanical Drawing Preview

Product Description

Part Number Configuration Guide

V12 Part Number Illustration


Product Specifications

CharacteristicTest ConditionLimits
Resistance 25°C 224 280 336 Ohm
Inductance 25°C 150 mH
Output Voltage Operating 3.0 V P-P
High Pot Wires to case 485 500 515 VRMS
Lead Pull Operating 5 lbs

Test Conditions: 

  • Air gap: .010in
  • Test Wheel: 10 pitch
  • Speed: 20 i.p.s
  • Load: 100K Ohms
Wiring Color Code
Standard Wiring Color Code
Pin 1 White
Pin 2 Black
Connector Options
Connector Options
Metri-Pack Deutsch
Male 150 Series DTM-04
Female 150 Series DTM-06